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The New Jersey Neurosurgical Society is dedicated to supporting neurosurgeons in the State of New Jersey by representing their clinical and socio-economic interests both locally and nationally.


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Important Read: Narrow Networks and Neurosurgical Care

All, please take a look at this important blog article from as it is particularly important to NJNS. It reinforces our position that we do not have an out of network problem, but rather an exceedingly narrow network problem that may eventually...

A-1952 Update

Dear Colleagues: As you know, the latest “Out-of-Network” bill, A-1952, passed through the Assembly Appropriations Committee on October 27, despite opposition from our Society, MSNJ, the Hospital Association, and all other provider groups who testified against it. The...

Senate Commerce Committee Refused to clear S-20

Senate Commerce Committee refused to clear S-20 (“Out-of-Network” bill) for consideration by the full NJ Senate Rajnik Raab, M.D. – NJNS President When the New Jersey Neurosurgical Society last met in June, 2015, the “Out-of-Network” bill (A-4444/S-20) had just been...